40 Before 40: 35-31

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete any of the first five goals on my “40 Before 40” list. There was a chance to potentially play Santa, but it fell through. Maybe next year.

On a different front, I may have the opportunity to present at an engineering conference. That would count as teaching a class, wouldn’t it?

I’ll continue to keep you informed, but in the meantime, here is the next group of 5:

  • Wear a tuxedo

    I’ve only worn a tuxedo three times: Senior Prom, Wedding, & Buddy’s Wedding. I’ll never do the prom thing again and no need to marry again when you nailed it the first time. Maybe another buddy’s wedding? (Big Al, I may need you!) Or, it could be Janet and I go through a re-dedication ceremony, and we go all out to the point where I wear a tux and she dons her actual wedding dress.

    The ideal situation (outside of Big Al) would be a black-tie gala, where Janet and I both get to be dressed to the nines, and the food is flowing like milk and honey (see Promised Land). Maybe I could have my name on a big check, since I’m there anyway.

  • Attend the Army-Navy game

    This game brings tears to my eyes just watching it on TV – from the pregame festivities to the exuberance of the cadets to the sportsmanship of the players to the respect and honor shown during the fight songs after the game. Usually I get ribbed pretty good by Janet when I get a lump in the throat, but for this game, I get a pass. She knows there’s nothing silly about wet eyes on this day.

    In addition, this game has further meaning. Both my father and grandfather have fought on behalf of this country, on foreign soil, under the head of the Army. Gramps in WWII as part of the Army Air Forces and Dad in Vietnam. Both were drafted into the Army during wartime and courageously agreed to serve their country. Similarly, the cadets at each of the academies know that upon graduation, they too will serve their country – most probably in combat on foreign soil.

  • Get someone to say “Amen” while I’m in the middle of speaking

    It’s rare I am able to score a point verbally. Usually my explanation is followed by “Does that make sense?” This probably explains my desire to write. However, if I were to be speaking and someone dropped an “Amen”, it would mean I was actually able to convey my message in a manner in which it was intended, and understood.

    Only thing I am unsure of is how I would respond. It would probably throw me completely off and I would never regain that momentum. That would be okay though, because I’ll always have that “Amen” to let me know I nailed it.

  • Ride in a hot air balloon that’s not tethered to the ground

    Being tethered to the ground – where’s the fun and excitement and adventure in that? Plus, I may have been in a tethered hot air balloon during one of the festivals growing up and I really want to ride in one.

  • Use my engineering expertise to help a community solve a problem

    God has gifted me with special skills and abilities and knowledge and I want to ensure I am using them to the fullest. However, I don’t feel the permanent call to go somewhere to use them. Like God is allowing me to stay here, but still knows of ways I can use my skill set, just from afar. I imagine helping a community find a clean water source or getting proper sanitation or opening up legitimate transportation routes.

    Why couldn’t I answer questions, review plans, design, inspect, and oversee the problems of communities around the globe – from my own desk or home. You could support many and reach even more through an established network of volunteers, all ready, able, and willing to serve by sharing their skills

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to shoot me any advice. If it helps accomplish a goal, I’m in!

Also, let me know your goals. If I can help, I certainly will.

If you’d like to see the previous entry with the first five goals, click here.

Or if you’d like to learn more about what “40 Before 40” is, click here.


3 thoughts on “40 Before 40: 35-31

  1. So my pointers for this section of 40 before 40 is:
    I totally want Al to marry as well. I have a girl in mind in Atlanta, but am working up the nerve to let him in on the secret.
    Greg has spoken in church a few times for our pastor and gotten an “Amen.” How about next time he speaks you could come do a 2 minute lesson and I will give you a rousing “Amen” from the back of the room.
    Last, I have seen some hot air balloon rides on Groupon, but they are pricey. Though if it is on 40 before 40 then you need to find the funds.
    Keep it up…I mean we have to get to 40 sometime….

    • Mrs. Susanne – as my faithful reader, thank you for commenting!
      Here are my return thoughts: I’ll be the middle man and let Al in on your secret
      While I appreciate the “Amen” thoughts, I want to earn them honestly. Maybe you could get one of those voice changers so I wouldn’t know it was you.
      I might need to hire you as my 40 Before 40 manager as you are in the know when it comes to deals. Unfortunately, a good number of my goals are experience based, which is very rarely free.

      Thanks again!

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