40 Before 40: 30-26

Another 10 days down and I still cannot lay claim to any of my goals, but I am undeterred as I still have 30 more to roll out. Here is the next round of five:

  • Play a round of golf at Augusta National
  • For most Southerners, the true arrival of spring is marked by the activities of Augusta, Georgia and Masters Week. My first foray to the hallowed grounds came when I was a young pup.

    For many years, tickets to the practice rounds weren’t needed, so a group of fathers & grandfathers rounded up their male heirs, and off we went. As with most other kids, the practice round ticket became the pseudo autograph collector and by days’ end I had signatures from guys like Nicklaus, Palmer, and Norman. The day also included some forgotten etiquette and laughs as the youngest of our group loudly requested assistance locating his hat – during the backswing of one of the players on the tee box.

    Since those early memories, I have wanted to walk the course with sticks in hand, just to see if, for just one moment, I could stir the echoes.

  • Take a tour of Krispy Kreme
  • Let’s be honest – we’ve all wanted to go all Laverne & Shirley on the assembly line, stuffing our faces with donut after donut. And we’ve all wanted to take a box or two and eat, just to see how many we could eat in one sitting.

    And we’ve all wanted to go behind the scenes to see how they are made. Many of the local schools take tours of Krispy Kreme, and you know damned well (see Psych) I’m going to be a chaperon that day.

    That’s what’s great about these lists. You get to lay out your dreams and go after them, regardless of how silly (or awesome) it may be.

  • Own a car still in production
  • Mercury Monterey – Killed in 2007 and doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page
    Oldsmobile Silhouette – Oldsmobile shut down in 2004
    Mazda Tribute – Nearly killed in 2004, not produced in 2007 (one of our years of ownership), and comes to end in 2011 (that would be now)
    Ford Explorer – Still kickin’
    Toyota RAV4 – Still kickin’, but we had the old-school style in a rough green color
    Chevrolet S10 – Killed in 2004, but owned in 2005

    It actually doesn’t come across as terrible, but it would be nice to one day have some decent wheels under factory warranty. But as Dave Ramsey says, live like no one else, so one day, you can live like no one else.

  • Be a sous chef for a night
  • I love to cook and it would be amazing to be able to apprentice one night for a legit chef at a legit restaurant. He’d probably kill me for my lack of speed and execution, and I’d probably end up in tears. But it would be so worth it and an incredible experience.

    Plus maybe I could figure out how to use more than one knife. I mean the set comes with four or five and the others are probably getting lonely.

  • Be in a movie, tv show, or commercial
  • This is my selfish goal. I’ve just wanted to be on tv. The camera would add at least another ten pounds on top of what I have going on, but that would be okay because I would be on tv.

    Only caveat is no reality shows. I couldn’t stand that much drama (see earlier rant).

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