40 Before 40: 40-36

Okay – it’s Monday, which means it’s time for the first installment of “40 Before 40”. Check out “40 Before 40: Intro” for some background and a few rules. Also, once all the goals have been rolled out, I will begin to log my progress, so sign up to follow or keep checking back in.

The first five:

  • Eat my way through Italy
  • There is something romantic and magical about Italy, and something so very diverse.  Janet and I have long stated our desire to go, but we could never settle on a location, so we thought it a good idea to start at the top and eat our way south – or vice versa.  This would give us a great feel for the people, land, beauty, and cuisine.

  • Have my name on one of those huge checks they give out at charity events or golf tournaments
  • Don’t know if there is any real reason other than I’ve always wanted to have my name on one. However, buying one and signing it with a dry-erase marker doesn’t count (hopefully). Maybe it will even be for a legitimate reason – like a donation to a charitable organization or 1st Place in a BBQ competition.

  • Anonymously leave a $100 tip for someone
  • There’s something extremely gratifying about being able to help someone, especially at a time when they are in need; however, many people are very prideful (yours truly included) and would never accept help from anyone. But if you found out about a need and anonymously left a $100, then they would be forced to accept it – and you would receive no instant gratification. I want to be able to help a real person meet a real need, but also make sure it is not about me at all.

  • Play Santa Claus at a real event with real kids
  • After being on this side of the Santa magic and seeing my own girls get really excited about meeting him, I think it would be amazing to see their fascination up close. I’d also love hear them make their requests. Some are sure to be quite funny, and random. Also, I promise not to sit on a throne of lies nor smell like beef and cheese.

  • Teach a class
  • Children don’t count. I mean they do, but not to qualify for this goal. I want to teach a college class on math or engineering or how not to use social media. Or maybe it’s a engineering class on how to use a software or Engineering 101 for new hires. The content doesn’t matter as much as the chance to have a group of students I can work with on a regular basis to help them find their feet in this world.


4 thoughts on “40 Before 40: 40-36

  1. Make sure your “eat your way through Italy” tour includes Bologna! Bologna is the capital of great food in Italy! Lasagna, ragù sauce, tortellini, and mortadella, all come from Bologna! Plus, the region surrounding Bologna is responsible for parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, and piadine.

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