40 Before 40: 5-1

The Last Five. I briefly pondered making one of those numbered intros like ESPN uses for their Top 10 lists, but then I realized it would take effort. And detail. And as we just found out – I don’t do detail.

So, with that said, here are the Final Five (doesn’t ring as well as Final Four – but equally unimportant):

  • Be published
    I won’t be too picky on the media to which I am published: website, magazine, children’s book, engineered white paper, Reader’s Digest (funny story sections). My only requirement is I receive credit for the work.

    I also can’t put my finger on why I want to be published other than it brings some level of vindication. In some ways it says “Well Done” and “I think others want to hear what you have to say.”

  • Go viral
    Lord, please let this dream not be fulfilled without my knowledge through the use of YouTube. Amen.

    Of all the dreams, this is probably my most self indulging. What benefit is there to having 15 minutes of social media fame? What long term gain is it?

    There is none. The only thing gained is satisfaction. The satisfaction of knowing I made something worth sharing. And sharing. And sharing.

  • Run down the Hill
    This has been a dream since I was a little boy. To come out of the buses, walk to the top of the Hill, rub Howard’s Rock and bask in the glow of 80,000+ cheering fans.

    But I knew I would never get the chance. I couldn’t play well enough to earn the right. And I never fought for our country. But then Lucas Glover won the US Open and just a few months later he led the team down the Hill before the FSU game.

    At that point I knew I had a shot. And the dream back alive. (Start around 3:30 in the clip)

  • Have a great Valentine’s Day
    Past Valentine’s Days have involved getting lost, friends in wrecks, meals we couldn’t afford, ill-timed decisions, and major disappointments.

    As such, Valentine’s Day was a running joke. We basically gave up, laughed at ourselves (and others caught up in its wake). But then I had little girls. Girls who love to feel like princesses and beam when they hear how beautiful they are (they aren’t all that different from grown-up girls). And I want to make sure they feel the love of their daddy. I want to make sure they have no need for other men – just their daddy. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show them.

    As such, I dream of having a night where things go right, for both my trophy wife and my little girls. Where conversation flows – with all of them. Where meals are perfect, dessert is sweet, and love abounds.

    Sounds super cheesy – and it is. And I’m not usually like this. But for them, I’m willing to try again.

  • Ride in a military aircraft
    At first this was ride in a fighter jet. Then I settled on just the simulator. Then I changed to a helicopter. Then I ran out of room, so I lumped them all together under the dream of “military aircraft”.

    You would think this wouldn’t be too hard. I live in an area with two active military bases. Plus – Tommy Bowden got a chance:

I guess that’s it – all 40. The only problem – that was the easy part. Now the tough part begins.

Please join me as I embark on this journey.

Thanks for your time.


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