Follower of One Man (Jesus – ’97)
Husband of One Girl (Janet – ’01)
Father of Two Girls (Delaney ’05 & Addy ’07)
Only Son of Two Kickin’ Parents (’79)
Friend to Many (I’ll claim you, if you’ll claim me)
Civil Engineer for All (Ward Edwards – ’01)
Member of One Body (LowCountry CC – ’01)

I’m a guy – a guy that doesn’t fit well into any particular mold. With a beautiful and talented wife and two unbelievable little girls, I’m the only dude in my house, yet I don’t mind the princess movies, music, and costumes. I’m losing my hair, but that doesn’t seem to bother me. I’m a tad overweight (trying to work on it), but it provides comic relief. I’m an engineer, but don’t like to get stuck in the weeds, a sports fanatic that doesn’t get too wound up, a music lover who can’t keep a tune, and a fly-by-night barbecue cooker who has no idea what he’s doing…

I wonder sometimes what I’ll be doing in another 5-10 years – wondering what God has in store. Is it engineering, teaching, full-time dad, restaurant owner, gambler, or in ministry somewhere. What’s crazy is it could be any of those, well hopefully not gambler – unless I’m good at it…

But that’s what makes life fun and adventuresome. So come join me in my journey through life – I’ll keep you posted…


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