Chick-fil-A Reminder of What Could Have Been

With us just 24-hours removed from National Chick-fil-A (CFA) day, the water is still warm enough to flush out one final thought. I promise.

Last year, CFA grossed $4.1B in sales.

The major debate? The donation of $2M to certain charities.

While the donations seem to be a staggering number, they actually only represent 0.049% of CFA’s gross annual sales.

For comparison’s sake, the $4.1B in sales can be broken down to assume CFA grosses $13.1M in daily sales.

For all the attention surrounding yesterday, it is safe to assume CFA received a 50% bump in business, meaning CFA did an extra $6.5M in sales.

Converting the $6.5M in additional sales to donation increases to the charities in question raises an increase of $3,200.

So, $6.5M in increased sales equates to $3,200 in additional contributions.


Now let’s play the “What If” game.

What if we used the $6.5M to fight other things, things that will have an actual impact or benefit to people, what would that look like?

  • $6.5M would fund 2,600 adoptions from Foster Care
  • $6.5M would fund 650 domestic adoptions
  • $6.5M would fund 325 international adoptions
  • $6.5M would support 18,000 impoverished children for one year
  • $6.5M would treat 5,900 people with AIDS for one year
  • $6.5M would provide clean water to 325,000 people
  • $6.5M would provide 65,000 Wounded Warrior Project Backpacks
  • $6.5 M would provide 130,000 school supplies and backpacks to school-age children
  • $6.5M would provide 430 specialized wheelchairs to disabled soldiers returning from war
  • $6.5M would provide Christmas presents to 50,000 families

These comparisons could continue to be made for shoes, vaccines, clothing, education, meals, and medical needs.

But what do we care, we just stood up for what we believe in, stuck it to the government, and were able to wash down waffle fries with a sweet tea.

The only thing this $6.5M won’t help much with is swaying this year’s election, which looks like it will cross the $1B mark, or 150 times yesterday’s sales at CFA.

Just think what we could do with $1B…

Okay, I’m done. Continue on America!


What Are You Feeding?

According to the APPA (American Pet Products Association), Americans are expected to spend over $50 billion on pets in the year 2011, a nearly 5% increase over 2010…

In comparison, the latest available numbers show the yearly US expenditures for medical research at $95 billion, AIDS research at $15.6 billion, and actual foreign aid at $12.7 billion

We spend nearly half of all money spent on medical research just on pets while we spend three times the money spent on AIDS and four times the money spent for foreign aid on pets…

Currently, there are approximately 1.1 billion people living without access to clean water and 2.6 billion people without access to proper sanitation. The Millennium Development Goals project aims to reduce the number of people living without proper sanitation in half over a 10 year period…

It’s estimated yearly need – $11.3 billion…

The United Nations estimated it would take at least $30 billion to end world hunger…

Harvard estimates it would take $1,100 per person annually to treat AIDS/HIV and according to World Vision, about 33.4 million people are living with HIV & AIDS…

Estimated yearly need – $36.74 billion…

I’m not trying to pick on pet owners, but when you add up the numbers, they are staggering…

It makes you take an honest look at our priorities and how we are spending our money…

So, what, or better yet, who, are you feeding?

P.S. – consumers spend another $15 billion on bottled water while the US Government spends $4 billion on climate change