40 Before 40: 20-16

The list keeps rolling out and hopefully I will be able to complete at least one of these soon.

Also, I have some exciting news about 40 Before 40 that I want to share, but it’s not quite ready yet. I hope you’ll like it and share it with me.

So – here’s the next 5, bringing the total goals to 25.

  • Attend a European soccer game
  • I’ve seen two Top 10 teams battle in football and basketball, I’ve seen the 49ers play in their heyday. I’ve been to NASCAR races and I’ve even been to Fenway.

    But nothing will compare to the passion and excitement of a European soccer (futball) match. It is nonstop singing, screaming, shouting, and jumping. Pure noise for 90+ minutes and can only be witnessed live.

    Maybe I can tie this in with one of my other goals, like eating my through Italy, or solving a community problem, or part of a mission’s trip.

  • Take my children on a missions trip
  • Speaking of mission’s trips, one of the best gifts we can give our children is to help them gain perspective on how well we have been blessed and how others have need.

    We try to help them see this by giving and sharing with those in our community, but the local needs are far different than global ones. The need for food or shelter is slightly different in Beaufort County than in rural South America or Africa. The education is different. The lifestyle is different.

    And I want them to be truly thankful for what they have and also see the joy in sharing put of their plenty. Plus, I could use the reminder too.

  • Wear the Tiger Mascot outfit
  • I’m starting to wonder if I have a fetish. First the Santa outfit and now the Tiger. But I think it has more to do with the chance to make kids smile and laugh – without freaking out their parents.

    I’ve taken the girls to a few Clemson games now and the Tiger is the hit, outside of the cheerleaders. And let’s be honest, you’ve got to tread lightly around them or else you’ll be the crusty old man. And at that point, the cheerleaders are freaked out, the wife is jealous, and the kids are crying.

    Anyway – the opportunity to be part of the tradition that is the Tiger, making kids smile, and potentially losing a few pounds is something I want to do.

  • Cater an event
  • “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

    Well, greater trust has no one than this, to ask you to cook for his friends. People will allow you to borrow their cars, clothes, tools, and money. But relinquish control of the dinner menu. No way.

    I’ve had the opportunity to cook a bit for work and at BBQ competitions, but I am looking for the chance to cook for a wedding or a party – and receive payment in return.

    I would like to make money cooking. That is ultimate trust, and I would be honored.

  • Jump out of an airplane
  • This is my adventure goal of the set – to jump out of an airplane and free fall. But just for a second. Anything more than that would freak me out and make me think the chute isn’t working.

    Then I would enjoy the quiet descent. It would be magnificent, especially seeing the area and God’s creation as we come down.