Does It Really Matter?

Have we, as a nation, ever correctly governed morality? Have we ever established laws based on a moral code?

Yes. How have we done?

Ask blacks, who nearly 100 years after the founding of this country, finally found freedom. And who waited another 100 years to vote.

Ask women, who have yet to celebrate 100 years of voting.

Ask the unborn. Nearly 5,000 die every day. Just in the US.

Ask the Indians forcibly relocated.

The good news? We’ve righted some of our wrongs. We’ve given a vote to women and blacks. We’ve setup Indian Reservations. We’ve banned late-term abortions.

The bad news? It doesn’t matter. At least not to God.

While our nation may suffer, the Gospel will not.

Jesus came to earth to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10) regardless of how we recognize marriage. Regardless of the care for the unborn. Regardless of gambling, prostitution, or drugs.

If you’re lost, you’re lost. It doesn’t matter the laws on the books. You’re still lost.

And the purpose of the Gospel is to make us realize we’re lost. And show us we need a savior. A rescuer. A redeemer.

In fact, I would almost be willing to say the more immoral the government, the brighter the Gospel shines. It removes this idea that following the law makes me good enough. That since a government has decided morality is important, as long as I don’t break any laws, I’ll be okay. And God will be pleased.

Ask the religious leaders of Jesus’ time how that worked out. Ask Jews, God’s chosen people, who lost that right.

Currently, the Gospel is spreading incredibly fast in corrupt nations in Africa and oppressive nations in Asia. Even Europe, supposedly a post-christian region, is seeing tremendous advances in the Gospel.

The Gospel doesn’t need the government’s help. God doesn’t need the government’s help. It needs his people. People willing to know their faith and share it with others. People willing to stand-up and be heard.

Not because of politics, but because of passion. Not because of morality, but because of mortality.

So – as we debate whether or not same-sex marriage should be allowed, pray that God would use this darkness to bring light. The light of Jesus Christ.

And pray it causes the advance of the Gospel.


Let me know what you think!

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