Top 10 Reasons Cash Will Never Die

As I was scrambling around the house trying to find two dollars for the tooth fairy, the thought came to mind that as long as we have small kids losing teeth, we’ll never convert to a cashless society. And then this thought takes me to another and another – and the next thing I know I have ten somewhat humorous reasons why cash will never die:

  1. The Church Love Offering
  2. It would be poor form to stand by the doors following a special music concert or a speech by a missionary and swipe credit cards. You lose the anonymous part – and would draw the ire of Dave Ramsey. No, this has to be a cash only proposition.

  3. Kids
  4. As mentioned, as long as kids earn allowances and lose teeth, cash will be king. I’m not sure how prudent it would be to open an account in your five year old’s name, require them to balance a check book, and entrust them with a credit card.

  5. Tips
  6. Waiter. Cabbie. Bellhop. Delivery Man. All jobs that live on tips. And while some can be paid by credit card – not all. And they make their living on our graciousness. And cash carries a lot more grace than plastic.

  7. Summer Jobs
  8. The summer job market would plummet if everyone were paid by credit card, or even check. The whole premise of a summer job is to earn some walking around money – money that never sees a bank or a tax return.

    And if summer jobs went away, so would summer love. And if summer love went away, so would Applebees and Olive Garden and companies that sell nasty chocolate and cheap jewelry. And if they all went away, so would the import of Chinese goods. Wait – this is about cash, not Apple and the iPad.

  9. Vices

    • You can’t participate in office pools or join raffles without cash.

    • Unless you’re George Rogers, the Heisman winning running back from USC (I can’t make this stuff up), you can’t buy drugs with a check.

    • And you can’t make it rain in strip clubs with plastic.

    • And as long as we have vices, we’ll have cash to support them.

  10. Vending Machines
  11. Nothing better than an ice cold coca-cola from a vending machine. Or a chaco taco from an Ice Cream Truck. Or a chili dog from a food truck. All gone without cash.

  12. Our Love of Junk
  13. We have so much stuff that at some point, we have to sell it. And any method of sale requires cash – no plastic taken here.
    Prime examples: Yard Sales & Craigslist & Flea Markets – cash only empires

  14. Other Countries
  15. Cash is king everywhere. I was in a small town in Mexico and didn’t have any Mexican dinero, but I had Gringo cashola. And it purchased a coke and a Mexican ice cream sandwich, of which I still dream about. I’m not so sure the exchange rate worked in my favor, but I didn’t care – and the store owner didn’t either.

  16. Credit Cards
  17. On a more serious note, one of the main reasons cash will never die is because of credit cards. As long as there are credit cards, there will be an alternative – cash.

    Transaction fees, interest rates, fraud, scams. They are ripe for trouble, and the best way to stay out of credit card trouble is abstinence. I’m not fond of that word, but in this case, it seems appropriate.

  18. IRS
  19. The IRS. Just the letters make you cringe, especially with April 15 less than two weeks away. As long as we pay sales tax, we will have cash.

    And because of our tax laws, people will always look for a way around them. Why pay a third of your profits to the State and Federal governments just to use a credit card or billing system.

    Ask anyone if this is their best price and watch it drop when you bring the word cash into the negotiation.

    I’m not a proponent of skirting the law of the land, but I am a proponent of getting the best deal I can. And if that means I pay with cash, then so be it. What the recipient of that cash does is their decision.

  20. BONUS – Dave Ramsey
  21. And ultimately, the main reason we will always have cash – Dave Ramsey. The debt reducing, folder touting, cash is king, “Live like no one else so one day you can LIVE like no one else” preaching adviser. I’ve been through the class, I’ve studied the notes. I’ve dropped the cable and refinanced the house.

    And as long as he has a platform (which he will as long as we are in debt – so forever), then smart people will stay away from plastic and deal with the stress of purchasing their goods with cold, hard cash.


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