Is the Devil Really in the Details?

When people think of scary words, they usually think about death, public speaking, feelings, or Valentine’s Day. The same is true for me – with one addition – “details”.

I like the first 75% of a project. The “good enough” portion. But the last 25% – the details, the fine print – they scare the crap out of me.

The detailed portion requires extra thought, effort, care, and mulling of a topic until it has been fully vetted (which is probably why I’ve always hated Seinfeld – spending 30 minutes mulling a topic that is meaningless to me).

In many ways, I can say the devil really is in the details. Whether it be engineering, painting, yard work, or taxes. The details are evil.

Except in one situation – Christianity. Here the details are what gives it strength. And reliability. And truth. And what gives us our hope. The hope of eternity.

The details of Christianity are where greater than 300 Old Testament prophecies come true in Jesus (see McDowell). Where even the smallest of details is not forgotten, but fulfilled.

The details of Christianity are where we see Jesus recognize his robe had been touched (Luke 8) or where he he takes care of the wedding guests (John 2).

The details of Christianity are where a woman celebrates a lost coin and a shepherd a lost sheep (Luke 15).

The details of Christianity are where a jar of oil (2 kings 4) and a jar of flour (1 Kings 17) never runs dry.

The details of Christianity are where every star is counted, every grain of sand numbered, and every hair on your head known.

The details of Christianity has a single person taking the sins of all – regardless of the past.

The details of Christianity allow us direct access to the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The details of Christianity removes the need to earn favor or leave us wondering if we’ve done enough.

So while the details of my life drive me to brink, the details of Christianity bring life.

And while I cringe at the thought of the effort required to complete the detailed portion of tasks, the details of Christianity are complete – and require no effort on my part.

So – is the devil really in the details, or do details actually bring about the grace of God?

And for once I am thankful for the details.


Let me know what you think!

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