Best Feelings in the World

I promise I’m not a cynic. You may think that, especially after posts such as “I’m an Amateur” and “Worst Feelings in the World“. But I’m not. There are things for which I am truly grateful. And I smile quite often. And I look forward to many things.

Some of which leave me with warm fuzzies and anxious moments and sleepless nights.

Things like:

  • Pulling into your driveway following a road trip
    Doesn’t matter that you have three loads of laundry, a pile of mail, nothing to eat, and the house smells all musty

  • Warm sheets
    Taking the sheets straight from the dryer, putting them on the bed, and then sliding in right after

  • Removal of nose blockage, aka – a booger
    Think how awesome this guy felt:

  • Afternoon nap
  • Warming your hands by the fire
  • Glass of iced tea on a hot day
    Except when you’re working on a golf course in the summer sun and chug three or four glasses and go right back to work. That can make you blow chunks. I know.

  • A wink-wink from your bride
  • Christmas morning
  • Being tackled by your kids as you come home every night
  • Teaching your kids something new
  • The mailman on the day you’re expecting a package
  • Saturday’s in the fall
  • The first slice into a grilled or smoked meat
  • The silence when the kids are asleep
  • An atta boy for something you’ve done
  • The start of your favorite TV show
  • Singing to your favorite song

See – there are things I enjoy and look forward to and make me smile.

What are yours?


Let me know what you think!

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