Worst Feelings in the World

Let’s be honest. Some things in this world aren’t much fun. Some involve chores (aghast – responsibility) and others just general uncomfortableness.

But there are times when the most uncomfortable of situations would be welcome. And that’s this list:

Below is a list of the 10 items most cringe worthy.

  • Warm toilet seat
  • Cold water from an old sponge
  • Middle of the night stomach churn
  • Bumping into someone sweaty
  • Shaking a wet hand
  • Being hit with a sneeze
  • Used, warm Kleenex
  • Missing hygiene needs (soap, tp, towel)
  • After hours knock on the door
  • No chapstick on a cold, windy day

and, for good measure

  • Listening to a USC fan gloat

Okay – what did I miss?


  • Blue lights in your rear view mirror
  • Cracking a joke about someone only to realize they were in ear shot
  • Mud between your toes
  • Warm spot in a cold lake (makes you wonder why it’s warm)

Coming soon – the worst feeling from middle school and the worst feeling on the first day of classes


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