A 40 Before 40 Dilemna

As previously stated, one of my 40 Before 40 goals is to leave a $100 anonymous tip to a waiter/waitress in need (how to prove an anonymous goal is satisfied is a separate discussion).

But how do I handle someone else taking my idea – and blowing it on coffee? I’ve said my piece about coffee and how it’s taken over the world, and many a man card, but randomly donating $100 for others to enjoy coffee, regardless of my feelings, is pretty strong.

So props to the anonymous lady, I just wish it could be spent on something other than a diuretic.

Bluffton coffeeshop measures mystery giver’s generosity in cups

The Island Packet Published Saturday, December 31, 2011 Updated Saturday, December 31, 2011

Every few months, a woman walks into the Corner Perk, a coffeeshop in Bluffton, and does something unusual.

She might order herself a coffee, or perhaps some hot chocolate for her children, and pays at the register. Once she does that, however, she’ll give the cashier $100, to pay for future customers’ drinks, before leaving.

Thursday morning, she did it again.

To call her Bluffton’s Secret Santa would slight the nature of her giving; her generosity manifests itself year-round.

“She’s done this maybe seven or eight times in the past couple of years,” said store owner Josh Cooke. “She’s very much into the philosophy of paying it forward.”

Cooke describes the woman, who asks store employees to keep her identity anonymous, as a middle-aged Bluffton native motivated by nothing more than simple generosity.”

The first time she did it, the cashier thought she was starting some kind of a tab for herself,” Cooke said. “And after hearing how she wanted the money to be used (the cashier) said, ‘I’ve never heard of that before.'”

Such random acts of kindness might be more infrequent during the economic downturn, but Cooke said customers are all the more appreciative of the woman’s gesture.”

They’re really surprised and grateful when we tell them their drink’s already been paid for,” Cooke said. “And that money tends to last all morning before it runs out.”

Cooke advertises the free coffee on the store’s Facebook page and welcomes the subsequent boost in traffic.”

We’re really excited when she does this, it builds hype,” he said.

And what about customers who ask how to repay the mystery giver?”

We just tell them to pay it forward.”

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/2011/12/31/1912319/bluffton-coffeeshop-measures.html


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