I’m a Sucker for a Good Bridge

I’m an engineer and I love a good bridge. One that’s artistic, well made, and well crafted bridge.

One with a gentle crescendo, nice peak, and smooth decrescendo. Where you feel the rise and you just can’t help but roll down the windows, stick your arm out, and enjoy.

Where the whole experience tells a story. A story so familiar it feels like your own.

And these bridges are everywhere, but some of my favorites come from Tennessee and New York – with even a few from South Carolina.

You see, a bridge connects two things – whether it be roads, nostrils, or music.

And in this case, I am a sucker for a good musical bridge.

Let’s start in Nashville, TN with Ben Rector’s The Beat. The song is smooth and has a subtle instrumental bridge that ends with a lonely heart (2:10):

We’ll stay in Nashville for Jars of Clay’s Jealous Kind. Here the struggle with repentance and our standing in God’s grace culminates in an almost chant/proclamation (2:40):

But my favorite bridges come from New York City (que the Pace Picante commercial) and Zach Williams. His song James talks of being stuck in addiction and the world feeling it is collapsing around you (1:45):

And his song Fears takes you on a journey through the unknown, but answers its own question with the bridge (2:50):

I am by no means a musician, but I can appreciate good music – music that moves me and tells a story. And these songs do that – and are exceptionally well written…

What does it mean that I appreciate a good musically constructed bridge more than one that’s engineered?


Let me know what you think!

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