Why Write?

A mind which is always thinking, pondering, and wondering does one thing very well – ask questions.  Questions like:

It seeks the truth, but enjoys the journey to get there…

But as this mind ponders, one question keeps appearing – possibly one of deeper meaning and more thoughtful response:

Why Write?

Why put these questions on paper?  Why try and flush them out and see what they really mean?

Why lose sleep just to get a fact straight or rework a thought or mull over something, again?

Only to have no one (or next to no one) read it?

What’s the purpose in this?

Let’s be honest – I’ll never stand up in front of people to accept an award. I’ll never cash a check…

This blog will (probably) never change someone’s mind about Christ or Clemson or careers…

So Why Write?

Doing good work and having creative thoughts means very little unless you’re able to express that work and those thoughts to others in as straightforward a way as possible. To edit yourself isn’t an admission of lack of talent; it’s sticking up for that talent by taking the time to make sure that everyone can understand what you’re trying to say.

Singer/Songwriter/Author Josh Ritter in arcticle to WSJ

I have many creative thoughts and writing helps me express them. Sometimes one of these creative thoughts makes it as a post and sometimes it is tossed aside, but in both circumstances it has been processed and can exit the mind, making room for the next one…

In the same way as keeping pent up anger is not good for the soul, keeping pent up thoughts is not good for the mind (and the psyche)…

So, to the benefit of my wife, kids, family, friends, and coworkers, writing is a release…

It keeps me sane…

So whether someone (not named MOM) reads or not, I’ll keep on writing…

There’s no good punch line this time – just a random thought that hasn’t quite been figured out. But at least I’m poised and ready for the next one…

I bet it will be better…


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