Why Cheer at a Baseball Game?

Baseball has a home field advantage. In fact, all sports have a home field advantage…

How do I know? Well, in middle school I researched it for a science project…

Won my school’s Science Fair and placed 3rd in regionals – and earned a cool 10 dollar bill…

For football and basketball, the crowd makes the difference…

Between opposing teams being unable to hear offensive signals in football to crazy college kids behind the basket, the crowd has the potential to change the game…

Ask Duke about playing at Maryland:

Or UNC about playing in Cameron:

Or ask Chris Rix about playing in Clemson:

“Florida was loud in the Swamp. But the loudest, not only stadium, but the loudest place I have been around in my life was definitely Death Valley. I was yelling at the top of my lungs in that first series, and I couldn’t even hear what I was saying.”

But what about baseball? How does the crowd actually affect a baseball game?

The crowds actually seem to be the loudest when the home team is at bat. And the more strikes against the home team, the louder it gets…

Doesn’t that seem backwards?

Take the Braves for example, the Tomahawk Chop doesn’t start until they get an offensive rally going – meaning there is already at least one person on base…

Which brings me to this question – “How would 40,000 people screaming and taking photos actually make it easier to hit or pitch or field a baseball?”

I don’t get it.  Take the two most infamous gaffes of all time – Buckner & Bartman – and what do they have in common?  They happened in front of the friendlies…f

Don’t forget, there is still a tangible home field advantage in baseball, but the crowd is not it…

To me, there are two primary advantages of having home field in baseball:

  • Last at bat
  • Familiarity with unique field dimensions. It’s no coincidence Boston’s two World Series teams had more righties (pitchers and batters) than lefties (to offset the Green Monster in left field)

So why do we cheer at baseball games?  Does it actually make a difference?  Could it make it worse?

Your call – but make sure you come home hoarse…


2 thoughts on “Why Cheer at a Baseball Game?

  1. Interesting point of view. I think at any type of sport cheering could have a negative affect. In football with field goals and calling plays, basketball with free throws, soccer with dribbling the ball, hockey with finding the puck, baseball hitting and pitching, etc.

    • Thanks for the comment. The thought came listening to a Cardinals game and it made me wonder…

      Also – the best home crowds know when to ne quiet and when to be raucous. I’ve heard arenas where a pin could drop during free throws or stadiums deafly quiet during extra pointa and field goals…

      I don’t think the soccer folks ever quit singing, so it may be a wash there…

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