Music Thursday – Letter Number “E”

It’s bad. Real bad…

It’s so bad I’ve been putting off this post for a while…

For example:

  • Honorable Mention 1 doesn’t even have a YouTube video
  • Honorable Mention 2 is a worship song – no further explanation needed
  • Honorable Mention 3 is a song about UGA
  • Song I Wished I Owned was an ’80s hit that only carries nostalgic value

And apparently Amos Lee already knew this because he took the best honors for Letter Number “A”. Must be a vowel guy…

Best Song – El Camino by Amos Lee

Honorable Mention:

    • Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven by David Crowder Band

Song I Wished I Own – Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Worst Song – Everything I Do, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams

There are very few cheesy songs I can do and Bryan Adams does not make the list. Wonder what it would sound like if he cleared his throat? It couldn’t be worse, could it?

On to “F” where I know it will get better. We have words like “Faith” and “Free” to choose from (hint, hint)…


Let me know what you think!

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