Don’t Be Discouraged

The past two years have been tough being a Clemson fan.

It all started in December of November 2009 (oddly the same weekend Tiger Woods career was derailed. Coincidence?). Clemson had just earned its first birth in the ACC Championship Game and was facing South Carolina, a sure win as it always is.

The sure win turned into a terrible day as Carolina beat us like a drum 34-17 – and it wasn’t that close. An early return for a TD and a late TD pass were bookends for a Carolina drubbing.

The following week myself and five buddies went to Tampa to watch the ACC Championship Game. Clemson fell behind and then came back to take a late lead, only to have their hearts ripped out again and lose to Georgia Tech (technically the game never happened as Tech had to forfeit the game due to ineligible players. I think it did because I shed a tear that evening).

The better bowls then passed Clemson over and instead were rewarded by playing a Kentucky team in the snow – and won in a very underwhelming fashion – surprise, surprise, surprise.

After the New Year, the basketball team had a nice win over UNC, but followed that up with a disappointing loss to Duke at home and early exits from the ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

The summer cut the deepest – one win away from playing for the national title is baseball. All they had to do was beat USC once in two tries. They lost both.

USC won the title three days later.

The fall of 2010 was painful. 6-6 during the year. Another loss to USC. An ugly loss in the bowl game.

Basketball surprised some people, but blew a big lead in the ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

Baseball flamed out.

USC won the NCAA title in baseball – again.

So – in the nearly two years since the swoon began, Clemson lost to USC in football for the first time in 40 years, meaning it had never happened in my life time.

But what gets me through is this – Clemson is better than USC. Always has been and always will be.

You can’t judge over 100 years of competition on the last two years. If you do, then you forget about the four times that Clemson has won four in a row (compared to the once when USC won two in a row) just in the last 30 years. You forget about 63-17, 45-0, and the Catch (I and II).

The truth of the past keeps us through the dark days.

Sound familiar?

Do you have dark days? Do you have times when you don’t think the misery will end? Do you have moments or thoughts that go against everything you’ve known and experienced? Does God feel distant?

Think back to the promises kept. Hold on to the truths you know. Hold out for the future when God will restore the Earth and establish his permanent kingdom…

Don’t let your present surroundings dictate your outlook on life…

Don’t be discouraged…

Psalm 77:10-13 says to remember the Lord, His mighty deeds and miracles, and to meditate on them. By doing so, you will be reminded of the greatness of the Lord and it will help you to see the big picture…


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