The Bible & Aunt Sally

Can you name the 50 state capitals? How about just the states?

I’m sure you knew it once – I did. I used to know them in alphabetical order…

And then, I moved on to something else and left the capitals in the dust. I didn’t work with them and I began to forget them…

How about the planets. Can you name them, in order?

What if I told you about my excellent mother – would that help?

Mother Very Excellent Mother Just Ordered Us Nine Pizzas.

Is that easier?

Can you remember the mathematical order of operations? What if I told you about my Aunt Sally?

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

How ’bout now?

Why don’t we apply the same processes to the Bible? Why don’t we create fun ways to remember verses and core concepts? Why can’t the Romans Road be put in alliteration? Makes me wonder if someone’s life might be a tad different if you could spout off the verses using Uncle Pete and an awesome dad…

Just a thought…


Let me know what you think!

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