Bringing Your A-Game to Prayer

The first time I remember the term “A-Game” was Tiger Woods describing the round of golf he just completed. His “A-Game” was the best he could play, with his “B-Game” being pretty good, but not great, his “C-Game” being average, and so on through the grading scale…

On a side note – Tiger (the pre fire hydrant Tiger) reminded me of the curve breaker we all had in our class. You know the one – got a 97 on the test, which ruined the curve for everyone else, and then complained that the one question she (I went there) missed was unfair. When Tiger was on, no one could compete with him. He’d destroy the field and then find a few shots he could have played better. Maybe I’m more like Phil Mickelson – I’m fine being #2 and still making muchos moula…

Back to our discussion on the A-Game…

I struggle with prayer. I’m an only child (shocker) and prayer is not about me. Prayer is about knowing your role and I’m not good with that. Prayer involves an honesty that leaves me a little uncomfortable and I don’t like uncomfortable situations. Prayer involves saying I’m sorry and reliving my bad moments and I’d rather just forget them…

Prayer is a lot of things that I am not and takes a lot of things I am unwilling to give – like effort…

To bring your A-game to prayer, it takes work and effort and being intentional. Things I am not…

Oswald Chambers said this about prayer:

Prayer is an effort of the will…We have to learn to discipline our minds and concentrate on willful, deliberate prayer.

Having a secret stillness before God means deliberately shutting the door on our emotions and remembering Him…Get into the habit of dealing with God about everything.

There are times when I have been able to remove all else and focus on Him or times when I have been able to think not of my own needs or desires – and it has been amazing…

In these moments is when I realize that prayer does have an A-game. And it also reminds me of many times of C and D-game level prayer and these are the times when I struggle with prayer.

In the same way that bringing your A-game to prayer will result in moving mountains, bringing your C & D-game to prayer will result in being stuck in the valleys…


2 thoughts on “Bringing Your A-Game to Prayer

  1. I have my own struggles with prayer as well!

    A quote I once read about prayer suggested that it was the lifting up of our desires to our Father in the hope that they’re also His! I’m sometimes confused as to what to pray over people and situations and mostly seem to resort to asking that His will and purposes would be achieved through them. Other times I feel my prayers are pointless,I tell myself that Gods plans will proceed with or without my prayer. Public prayer has always been an awkward thing for me, I feel as though my prayers are very personal and that they’re between me and Him, so I’m a little uncomfortable sharing this intimate relationship in front of others. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks!

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