Raise Your Hand If…

We play a game in our house called “Raise Your Hand If…” and it’s played by choosing things that you either like, don’t like, have done, have not done, etc…

For example, we might say “Raise your hand if you like Clemson” and all Powell hands go in the air.  The next question may be Raise your hand if have a “K” in your name, and on Delaney Kate would raise her hand, or we would do “D” and Delaney and Addy would raise their hands, etc…

Sometimes we try to trick them Simon Says style by asking a lot of easy questions where everyone raises their hand, and then throw in a “Raise your hand if you like the Gamecocks”.  Their reactions are priceless when they realize they blasphemed the Tigers – even brought them to tears before.

But what if we were sitting around the dining room table and you were to ask this question: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever run out of gas” – how would you answer?

Unfortunately, after today, I would have to answer by asking you a question – “What am I driving?”

I’ve had some run-ins with gas gauges in the past and I can now add boat to the list of vehicles I have been in operation of that have run out of gas (regrettably a good number of these occurred after my 21st birthday) .

Boat will now slide into the list beside cars (yes – plural), truck, SUV, golf cart, riding mowers & tractors (you don’t spend three summers working on a golf course without some gas casualties), go kart (one of those amusements versions), and miscellaneous water recreational toys (from growing up on a lake – which makes it all the more surprising I’ve never had to have a boat towed, until today).

Luckily we are required by law to have a whistle – as trying to push and pull the boat was having no success (we may have even been pulled further from the dock by the wind and tides).  Our whistle eventually found a couple and their John Boat who were willing to tow us back to the dock.

The day leaves me with two thoughts – what kind of omen is it when a Clemson boat runs out of gas and is brought to safety by a Carolina fan in a War Eagle boat?

And, can anyone else raise their hand with me?


Let me know what you think!

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