Do You Still Run?

Do you still run?

I don’t mean for exercise or from the law. I mean do you run – just for the sake of running?

I was watching Addy earlier this week and she literally ran everywhere she went. From the dinner table to the shower. From her room to the living room. Pretty much everywhere she went, she ran – unless she’s sad or pouting. Then she just stands there…

We’ve tried the ole’ See Ya Later routine where we walk away. Doesn’t work. She’s just another ten steps behind – and crying…

One thing we do know – she is a Powell. And us Powells don’t run just to run. We have to either be chased by someone or something – or unable to fit in last week’s pants…

So – she doesn’t run when upset and doesn’t run because she likes running. Why does she run?

There’s this one thing she does while running that may give it away – when Addy’s running, she’s also smiling…

There seems to be a correlation between her running and her emotions. She runs when she’s happy…

She believes the next thing will be even greater or more exciting than the last, so she runs to get there because she can’t wait. The excitement is too much to bear…

So my question is – do you still run? Do you have anywhere to go or anything to do that makes you want to drop into a dead sprint – all while smiling?

Why should kids have the market on joyous running? Shouldn’t adults have some fun too?

Where would you run, or to whom would you run to?


2 thoughts on “Do You Still Run?

  1. Willy,
    Just happened to see your “Do you still run?” posting.
    That is a great way of looking at life and what we are doing!
    Good insight,

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