Music Friday – Letter Number “B”

I can’t blame the numbers and symbols – just not enough of a portfolio to find solid music…

Some tough decisions were made regarding Letter ‘A’ – like which songs to leave off the list. There were some great ones…

Letter ‘B’ – it leaves me fealing “eh”. I spent more time trying to decide which song was the worst…

Barbie Girl? Butterfly Kisses? Born in the USA? – admit it, the song actually speaks out against the USA and just involves a screaming Springsteen – overrated…

But in the end, I went with Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli. The song is classic ’80s, which means at best it will be mediocre…

Here’s this list:

Best Song – Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Honorable Mentions:

Worst Song – Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli (or whoever actually sang it)

Song I Wished I Owned – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

‘C’ has to be good, right? I mean Clemson starts with C…


Let me know what you think!

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