Music Tuesday – Letter Number “Non-Letters”

As we begin the journey through the alphabet, we start with the dreaded numbers & symbols. Unfortunately, folks haven’t jumped on the random symbol train. Or if they have, it doesn’t fall into actual listenable music…

As such, here is the list of the best song from my library along with a few honorable mentions. I’ve also included a song that I wished was in my library and finally, what I consider to be the worst song…

Best Song – $2 Kite by Jake Armerding

Honorable Mentions – 12 West Front Street by Steven Delopoulos, 3 Minute Song by Josh Wilson, 40 Acres by Caedmon’s Call, 1000 Things by Jason Mraz, 8th Grade by Chris Rice

Worst Song – 500 Miles (I’m Gonna Be) by the Proclaimers

Song I Wished I Owned – 409 by the Beach Boys

None of the songs in the symbols blew me away. In the end, the best song is a whimsical take on love and heartbreak. In $2 Kite, the man is torn waiting for the girl of his dreams to make a decision – him or someone else. The worst song has to be the Proclaimers 500 Miles. Also – any song covered by Steven Curtis Chapman has some serious hurdles to overcome…

Let’s hope the remainder of the letters give us better music…


Let me know what you think!

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