When a Heart Breaks – Part II

I’ve thought much of the status of my heart and the emotional roller coaster it has been through. I’ve also thought of another heart – one that hurts much more than mine. One that’s invested more than me – and lost more than me…

I’ve been thinking of God’s heart. God put his heart on the line during creation, only to have Adam be lonely. I’m guessing God’s heart was a tad broken knowing his favorite creation was lonely. Apparently the beauty of the earth, and the Garden of Eden, was not enough to keep Adam from being lonely. Lucky for us, Eve made an appearance…

Later, God is fully reinvested in Adam and Eve, only to see them break the one rule they were given. Adam and Eve gave up fellowship with God for the chance to know everything, and in the process broke God’s heart a second time. Lucky for us, Jesus made an appearance…

Following Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, God’s people were no longer in fellowship with him, and can’t get, because of Adam and Eve. To remedy the situation, God needed a way to bring people back into fellowship. The only way was to have someone not succumb to the same pressures and temptations Adam and Eve faced. God knew a normal person couldn’t make it through a life without at least making one little mistake, so he decided to send the one person who could – Jesus Christ…

Jesus is born – and God is fully invested again. However, this only means God’s heart is forced to break in a slow, painful manner. Jesus dies and God is heartbroken. Lucky for us, Jesus rose from the dead!

Now everyone has the opportunity to have God fully invested in them by believing in His son. I believe God’s heart still breaks – when we make mistakes, not live up to our potential, or fail to tell others about Him. However, lucky for us, He has prepared a place for us with him in heaven…


Let me know what you think!

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