Music Wednesday

It’s been some time since I mentioned music I am listening to (rather than what I am not). As such, I feel it is time to offer up a few artists you ought to check out. The first two come from recent NoiseTrade downloads:

Josh Rouse – seriously good chill music. Dude is a great songwriter and knows how to put lyrics together…

Josh Garrels – guy searching through his faith and how it ties to what he experiences on a daily basis…

Cary Brothers – nice sound and kind of catchy. Still trying to figure him out…

Another source of great music is eMusic.  When you sign up, you get anywhere between a $10-$20 song credit to buy (and keep) legitimate music and then they have monthly plans with great prices. The cool thing is the standard song runs $0.49 rather than Amazon’s or iTunes $0.99. I just signed up with a $20 credit plus the one month rate of $11.99 and got 5 full-length albums (Amos Lee, Jimmy Needham x 2, Jon Foreman, and Laura Story). Also – after downloading my music, I cancelled and they offered me a free month. That looks to be 2 more albums…


Let me know what you think!

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