Why Christianity? Part II

Do you ever wonder if you volunteered one extra time that it would keep you from raising your voice to your kids?

Do you every wonder if you had 15 more minutes of prayer or reading or worship time that it would keep you from thinking those thoughts?

Do you ever wonder if you gave a few extra bucks to church it make you more content?

I struggle with this line of thinking – of having a cause and effect type religious experience…

Being an engineer I live in the black and white of if-thens. You know, if I do this, then God will…

What if this wasn’t the purpose of Christianity? What if becoming a better person or saying one less bad thing or sinning once less was not the purpose of having a relationship with Jesus?

I understand the Bible states that we are to do away with our evil practices and become more and more like Jesus (Colossians 3), but can we really spend enough time with Jesus to fully attain this? Can we ever not have to worry about sin?

If Paul still found ways to do the wrong thing (Romans 7), if Peter found a way to deny Jesus, if Judas found a way to betray Jesus, if Paul had to rebuke Peter, then I don’t think its feasible to reach a point where sin is no longer a concern…

The next natural progression is to do whatever we want, consequences be damned, especially if we are going to be forgiven (where sin increased, grace increased all the more – Romans 5:20)…

So then – why fight it? Why spend time in prayer, in reading, and in worship? Why go to church, donate money, teach this to your kids? Why do these things if we really don’t have the ability to get it right?

Because, to me, the purpose of Christianity is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ – not to get better, donate more, or be nicer. Not to earn favor, be seen, or feel good about ourselves…

God wants us to do these things – things like prayer, reading the Bible, and worship – so we may get to know him better, so we may understand him a little bit more, so we may appreciate all that he has done for us…

I believe God is more pleased with, and is better known by, someone who screws up on a regular basis, but is earnestly seeking him, than someone on the straight and narrow that never calls his name…

I choose Christianity because, regardless of what I’ve done, I’m forgiven and loved – and I’m okay with that…


Let me know what you think!

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