Why Christianity? Part I

Do you ever wonder why you do or like certain things? Things like colors or music or foods or teams? Do you ever analyze why you like the color blue but hate the Blues? Ever wonder why you like football but hate stadium jams?

I can’t say that I’ve ever pondered those things, but one question that keeps coming to mind is “Why Christianity”? Why do I, or you, read the Bible, go to church, or pray? Do you do them out of respect, fear, honor, commitment? Do you do them because of guilt or tradition?

You do everything else the way you want to on your own terms – dress, eat, work, play – but not religion…

I fully understand the purpose of Christianity is not about us, but about Jesus coming to save that which was lost – namely me. But is me being “found” really the motivation for my religious activities? Is it the reason we give 10% of our monies? Is it the reason we pray before every meal? Is it the reason we teach our kids about Jesus?

What is our true motivation?

Here’s what I know – life is tough. The days are long, the pay is short, the kids are loud. And you need someone to be there with you. Someone who knows about long days and short nights. Someone who knows about being hungry. Someone who knows about being surrounded by loud crowds. Someone who knows about betrayal. Someone who knows about death and sacrifice…

Having access to someone like Christ is why I choose Christianity…

That’s what motivates me to do these religious practices and teach these lessons to my kids…

At least it ought to…


Let me know what you think!

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