Oh Yeah!

Or more like “Oh No!”.  Following the Macho Man’s death last week, it is being reported that 1/4 of the participants in Wrestlemania VII (that’s seven for you USC folks) are now deceased – see chart below:

In comparison, none of the 44 starters from the 1991 Super Bowl and only 2 of the 44 professional boxers to hold a championship belt in 1991 have died – info from wrestlinginc.com and sherdog.com…

My own research shows that 5 of the 50 NASCAR drivers who earned points that year have since died.  Two from aircraft wrecks (Allison & Kulwicki), two from on-track accidents (Earnhardt & McDuffie), and one from Cancer (Hamilton).  Even with freak off-track accidents, the numbers from NASCAR don’t add up to wrestling…

I don’t know that there is a true point to this post other than I was a huge wrestling fan.  I even had miniature figurines and a small ring to play out my own matches.  When I sold the VCR winning raffle ticket to the lady across the street, she offered me any toy of my choosing.  My selection – King King Bundy (still alive, by the way)…

Wonder if being king of the ’80s was really worth it? 25% percent of them never got the chance to find out…


Let me know what you think!

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