What’s Your Problem?

When people ask me what I do, I say “civil engineer”. The tyipical response is “What does someone who is a civil engineer do?” Well, I make sure water goes uphill, poop goes downhill, and rain goes somewhere. The conversation usually ends here…

I’m thinking of changing my approach by saying engineers solve problems thus civil engineers solve problems for the community….

When you think about it, aren’t we all problem solvers? The teacher solves the education problem and the preacher salvation. The policeman solves the crime problem while the doctor solves health. The politician – well he doesn’t count…

Matter of fact, our entire economy is based upon solving problems. Every transaction contains a problem and a solution. Need food, buy food. Need money, get job. Need companionship, find woman AND get second job…

Innovation stems from solving problems…

So, “What’s your problem?”

Or better yet, “What’s your solution?”


Let me know what you think!

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