Music Tuesday

I was thinking about the state of “Christian” music and how in many ways it cannot compare to mainstream music. But am I really giving it a fair shake? I’m trying to hold Christian music to the standards of some of the greatest bands of all time – like the Beatles, Stones, or U2…

Shouldn’t we also be holding today’s mainstream music to the same standards? Is anyone currently making music that could compete with the all time greats? Do we have any future Hall of Famers in our midst? Which of today’s artists will stand the test of time and which will be the focus of a future VH1 documentary?

While Christian music isn’t great, it is increasingly getting better. On the other hand, mainstream music may be going the opposite direction.

As the audiences of Christian music evolve, meaning less inward focus, the music will get better and more creative. As I mentioned yesterday, there are many artists with Christian influences putting out great music. And they are opening the doors for the next generation…

Wouldn’t it be ironic – speaking of VH1 documentaries – if music made and influenced by Christianity eventually supersedes that of mainstream?

What then would I write about?


Let me know what you think!

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