Music Monday

What is the purpose of music? Why is it made and why do we listen to it? Why are our music choices so unique. I mean why don’t we all like the same kind of music?

These are questions I cannot answer other than to say that music is personal. Matter of fact, it may even be too personal…

I know I have always felt a connection with the song I’m listening to. It should either make me think, make me smile, or tell a story I can relate to. If it doesn’t do one of these things, then that song typically can’t hold my attention…

This is probably why I have never had much of a taste for R&B or rap and have a diminishing taste for country. Same could probably be said for hard rock or heavy metal. In general, these types of music don’t offer much return on the time investment…

With this thought in mind, I thought I would play a quick game of buy, sell, or hold.  We’ll treat these artists like stocks…

I only chose artists currently residing in my library…


  • Shawn McDonald – solid music, solid lyrics, honest
  • Jimmy Needham – great music, great personal story
  • The Avett Brothers – unique music, great song stories, thought provoking


  • Jimmy Buffett – the more I listen, the less I connect
  • Corey Smith – seems to be a disconnect from the artist to the songs, not keen on the live stuff
  • Entire library from early high school – was fun while it lasted, but doesn’t do anything for me anymore


  • Zac Brown Band – sophomore album did not do much for me, but I love the music and am willing to give another shot
  • Derek Webb – I think he’s trying too hard to be a contrarian.  Original stuff was fantastic
  • Country music – it’s just such a mixed bag.  Some is great and some is terrible.  Even when I try to listen on the radio, I end up flipping stations every other song…

Let me know what you think!

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