Quote of the Week (with ramblings)

I just started reading Decision Points by George W. Bush because I am fascinated by what goes in to making decisions. I love secrecy, intel, power, and knowledge and the president has these in full supply…

When I go to the White House, I don’t want the standard nickel tour. No, I want the behind the scenes look. I want to see if there really is a red phone. I want to see the true “Presidential Suite”. I want to see secret entrances and rooms. I want to see if there’s ESPN on any of the TV’s or Sports Illustrated in the bathroom…

Anyway – all that aside, I cam across this quote in the book as President Bush was talking about his childhood:

“When you know you have unconditional love, there is no point in rebellion and no need to fear failure.”

That is the ultimate goal of a parent. We shall establish a level of unconditional love so that our children are free to be themselves, pursue their heart, and smile along the way.

Unconditional love is not brought about by pure freedom or pure discipline. It is the desire to see your child be who they are, understand who they are not, and recognize the same in others…

My prayer for this season of life is that I will foster a sense of unconditional love in our children and those we are taking care of so that regardless of what happens in life, they know they will always have someone that has their back. Someone who is their biggest fan and most helpful critic. Someone with a shoulder to cry on or a foot to kick in gear.

Someone who they can be themselves with…


Let me know what you think!

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