Christianity & NCAA Basketball?

Was watching the NCAA Tourney the other day between two teams I am fairly familiar with and I realized that I could not name or pick out a player from either team (I watched anyway – don’t worry), but I could easily remember their coaches.  This struck me a bit odd and started the wheels of my mind.  Not quite sure how I put the two together, but I came across this realization – College Basketball and Christianity actually have quite a bit in common – and it may not all be good…

If you think about College Basketball, it is a coaches game – guys like Coach K, Roy Williams, Pitino, Calipari, Boeheim, Izzo, etc… These guys are pillars of the sport. Also – there are up and comers with Brad Stevens at Butler, Shaka Smart at VCU, Brad Brownell at Clemson (shameless plug from a Tiger). Try to name 10 players currently in the College game. You start with Jimmer, and go to whoever leads Duke’s teams. That’s essentially it. There are no everyday guys…

Hold that thought…

As the evangelical movement in the US has taken off, it has brought great popularity to the leaders – guys like Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, and TD Jakes. There are also some up and coming leaders with Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell (Love him or Loathe him – later topic), and Craig Groeschel…

Now for the segue – in the same way you can’t name 10 or so college basketball players, you probably couldn’t name 10 or so guys who are known for the Christianity – an everyday guy who rises above the rest and puts his team on his back when it matters. A guy who says – look at me, follow me, and see what Christianity looks like 24/7.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t know – just an observation I had. But my thought is we should focus more on our own relationship with Jesus and honor those who make the correct, but difficult decisions in the heat of the battle. The guy who chooses not to skirt the truth when the truth hurts. The girl who chooses not to spread the rumor. The guy who chooses not to flood his mind with those images. The girl who chooses to bite her tongue when it would be so easy to let the anger win…

The people are the real pillars of Christianity…


Let me know what you think!

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