Tourney Review

First of all, congrats to my Tigers for making the tournament for the 4th straight year!

Now – here’s the review of my bracket in my attempt to join the 40/60 club:

Projections (Correct Seed/Seed Within 1/Correct Team)
1 Seeds – Ohio State, Kansas, Duke, Pitt (4/4/4)
2 Seeds – Texas, Notre Dame, San Diego State, UConn (3/3/4)
3 Seeds – Purdue, Syracuse, Louisville, UNC (3/4/4)
4 Seeds – Kentucky, Florida, BYU, Arizona (1/3/4)
5 Seeds – Wisconsin, St. Johns, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt (1/3/4)
6 Seeds – Kansas State, Xavier, Temple, West Virginia (1/4/4)
7 Seeds – Old Dominion, Georgetown, Cincinnati, UNLV (0/4/4)
8 Seeds – Utah State, Washington, George Mason, Missouri (1/2/4)
9 Seeds – UCLA, Gonzaga, Tennessee, Florida State (1/2/4)
10 Seeds – Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State, Marquette (1/3/4)
11 Seeds – Villanova. Illinois, Richmond, Butler (o/2/4)
12 Seeds – Colorado, Virginia Tech, Penn State*, Clemson*, St. Mary’s*, Memphis* (2/2/3)
13 Seeds – Belmont, Princeton, Bucknell, Oakland (3/4/4)
14 Seeds – Indiana State, Wofford, St. Peter’s, UC Santa Barbara (3/4/4)
15 Seeds – Northern Colorado, Akron, Boston, Morehead State (2/3/4)
16 Seeds -UNC-Asheville, Long Island, Alabama State*, Hampton*, Arkansas-Little Rock*, Texas-San Antonio* (5/6/6)

Total Teams Correctly Seeded – 31
Total Teams Within 1 Seed – 53
Total Teams Correct – 64 (Colorado, Virginia Tech, St. Mary’s, Two Tennessee’s)

Not what I was hoping for, but not bad nonetheless. Will need to compare it to ESPN and others to see how I stack up. I think most people struggled with teams like VCU, UAB, & USC getting in…


Let me know what you think!

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