Hysterical or Historical?

Following a great workshop on growing your kids’ faith, Janet and I began doing a more focused prayer time with the girls each night before they go to bed.  The prayer uses a cute acronym – P.A.S.T. – Praise, Apologize, Supplication, & Thanksgiving.

On our second or third night, Delaney hit her stride while apologizing and ran through three or four “sins” she had committed during the day.  Apparently her memory didn’t center around her own “sins”, but also the “sins” of Addy and I.  During Addy’s turn, she couldn’t think of any, which is a shocker – another entry, another day, so Delaney decided she would help Addy out by listing the things she didn’t appreciate Addy doing during the day.  She then proceeded to begin mentioning things she didn’t like Addy doing.  At first, I was chuckling to myself because you can’t make this stuff up, but I had to eventually intervene and have a life lesson on the purpose of apologizing and remind them we are speaking to God, not each other or their mom or dad…

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here.  When it was my turn, Delaney reminded me of the time I made her wear someone else’ shoes because I actually thought they were hers.  She ended up in a bowl of tears – while wearing the shoes.  Once we determined whose shoes were whose, I apologized to her.  Apparently that wasn’t enough as she reminded me of my transgression during prayer time and made me apologize to God as well – nearly a month later…

So my question is – are we being hysterical in our faith, or historical.  It’s alright to be a bit crazy for God, but we also need to remember that when we ask for forgiveness, he completely wipes away our sin from his eyes and we are made whole again.  If God doesn’t keep a record of our sins, should we?


Let me know what you think!

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